Jennifer Sprow

The Energy of Co-Creation

You are ready to move from emotional blocks to embodiment of Source, to clear the weight and shift in to 5th Dimensional flow. You are prepared to go from wondering what is inside of you to embracing your gifts. You are ready to ascend.

Jennifer Sprow
$15.00 / month


Learn & Expand in our conscious membership community!

Jennifer Sprow

Chakra Balance Meditation

Chakra Balance Audio Meditation opens and balances your 13 chakras for resolution of emotions and beliefs which may be limiting you!

Jennifer Sprow

Prosperity Codes

The Prosperity Code Series invites the expanded Universal magic of prosperity and abundance in to your daily life by increasing our internal vibrations to more closely match that of the Universe in these regards.

Jennifer Sprow

Leap Forward with Ease and Grace

Are you ready to come face to face with the next phase in your reality? This Sacred Activation, Leap Forward With Ease and Grace, clears away the old inertia opening up your next spiritual path with lightening speed.

Jennifer Sprow

Ladder of Ascension Group Energy Program

This Group Energy Program replay offers new access points shifting you in to a higher state of consciousness for all areas of your life; relationships, finances, health, personal growth and light.